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Card-linking: A mainstream strategy for engaging customers and driving growth

Card-linking has quickly become mainstream. Its effective approach provides businesses with new and meaningful ways to engage with their customers. Dive into the latest about card-linking and discover why it can be an effective tool to drive engagement and growth.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage consumers and drive growth. One such innovation that has gained significant traction in recent years is card-linking.

Card-linking technology allows businesses to engage with their customers in new ways, enabling seamless experience. Businesses can leverage card-linking technology to make a real difference in their customers' financial lives. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also increases customer retention and loyalty, ultimately driving business growth.

As marketing leaders increasingly rely on this technology, card-linking has moved from being a novel concept to a mainstream strategy.

What is card-linking?

Card-linking is a marketing technique that links consumers' payment cards to promotional offers, rewards, or discounts.

Once a consumer links their card to a program, which can be done in as little as 10-seconds, any qualifying purchase made automatically triggers the associated offer or reward. This process eliminates the need for physical coupons, promo codes, or even app-based check-ins, making it incredibly convenient for consumers.

The rise of card-linking

The journey of card-linking from a niche technology to a mainstream marketing strategy has been marked by significant milestones and advancements. Initially, card-linking was primarily utilized by loyalty programs and financial institutions. However, as technology evolved and consumer preferences shifted towards convenience, more industries began to adopt card-linking.

Here is why card-linking can enhance your customer programs:

Simplicity and convenience

Card-linking simplifies earning value for consumers. There's no need to carry additional cards or coupons; rewards are automatically applied when using the linked payment card. This convenience resonates with consumers who value hassle-free experiences and can get one step closer to their goals without thinking about it.

Real-time rewards

With card-linking, rewards are instant. This immediate gratification is highly appealing, as consumers see the benefits of their loyalty without delay. Real-time rewards can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases.

Personalization and relevance

Card-linking can be highly personalized based on a customer's spending habits and preferences. Customers can earn rewards like roundups based on their spending habits and fuel their goals with each spend. The destination where rewards like cashback and rounding is entirely up to the customer. Whether they want their rewards to go towards retirement or to save for a dream vacation, the choice is theirs.

Today, platforms can leverage card-linking to increase customer engagement. Incorporating roundup features is a great way to engage with your customers with every purchase. Furthermore, merchant offers can be enhanced with card-linking capabilities and turned into card-linked offers. 93% of card-linked offer users come back for more.

Card-linking as a mainstream strategy

Card-linking has firmly established itself as a mainstream strategy, supported by a wealth of data and real-world applications. In fact, according to DCA CardLinx Association,

"Card-linking is mainstream and continues to grow as marketing leaders count on card-linking now more than ever to engage consumers and drive growth."

Card-linking solutions have broad use cases and can be used in any situation to drive engagement among your customers or users. Card-linking can help your business's customer programs stand out.

Redeeming rewards seamlessly without any additional cards reduces friction for your customers. Platforms with relevant offers directly linked to consumers' goals keep them engaged.

For example, financial wellness platforms can incorporate card-linking features to reduce the barrier for their customers to save and invest. This level of personalization fosters a deeper connection with your customers, encouraging repeat engagement and loyalty.

Boost your customer programs with Olive's card-linking platform

So many platforms and businesses are not taking advantage of their customer's everyday spending. Card-linking solutions can help drive growth and engagement with every purchase your customer makes.

As a card-lining infrastructure platform, Olive makes connecting a card to a program as easy as making an online payment. Leveraging Olive's card-linking platform allows businesses to take their customer programs to new heights. Our robust suite of APIs simplifies and accelerates the development process, allowing you to implement cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs quickly. Make a real difference in your customers' financial lives with card-linking solutions.


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