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Bridging the financial gap: the rise of card-linking

Card-linking helps bridge the financial gap for customers by seamlessly integrating savings into everyday transactions. Businesses can leverage card-linking solutions to empower their customers after every purchase. See how card-linking is helping customers close the financial gap

In an era where convenience and savings are paramount, the fusion of technology and finance has created innovative solutions to streamline everyday transactions. Card-linking technology emerges as a game-changer.

Businesses can leverage card-linking technology to help empower their customers to get closer to their financial goals. In this article, we will dive into how card-linking is turning everyday purchases into more, offering customers a seamless way to bridge their financial gap.

Card-linking in a nutshell

Simply put, card-linking gives customers the ability to link their primary Visa or Mastercard to any customer programs like loyalty programs. This is great for businesses trying to onboard new and existing customers into their programs because of the ease card-linking provides. It also means businesses can increase their customer engagement and drive more sales with the use of card-linking.

In addition, the rewards customers earn from these customer programs can be directly linked to a designated financial account.

The financial gap

Although card-linking can help businesses drive growth, one of its strengths lies in the ability to help customers close their financial gap. It's normal for customers to have a disparity between their financial resources and their financial goals. In fact, a survey showed that about 72% of Americans are not financially secure.

One of the reasons these financial disparities exist is the high cost of living many face. With the CPI index rising 8.6% year over year, it can be challenging to get ahead of financial goals like saving and even investing. But what if customers could start closing their financial gap with every purchase? This is where card-linking comes in.

How card-linking increases accessibility for all

One of the strengths of card-linking is that it is accessible to everyone. Today, many customers use credit cards instead of carrying around cash. Well, with card-linking, they can simply enroll their primary credit card to customer programs and start earning rewards like cashback and roundups. And with Olive's card-linking platform, no banking credentials are needed when connecting a credit card. Card-linking is easy and safe.

Card-linking benefits customers with lower incomes, who struggle to save, and even those with limited access to financial services. This inclusivity ensures that individuals across various backgrounds can benefit from discounts and rewards with every purchase.

Card-linking and automation, closing the gap

Another great benefit that card-linking provides customers is automation. These rewards earned from each purchase are automatically put towards a dedicated cause, like a savings or investment account. Automation is great for customers trying to close their financial gap and helps customers avoid present bias. As humans, we are biased toward our present selves, so we're likely to make the choice that will benefit us most in that moment. Therefore, many customers may choose to spend over saving. 

Businesses can get their customers to spend and save at the same time. Customers can contribute to their savings without needing to change their spending habits. In turn, these small amounts contributed can quickly accumulate to a meaningful amount. Want to save to pay down debt? No problem. Want to go on a dream vacation? Even better. With card-linking, closing the financial gap and feeling financially empowered is easy.

Olive's platform

Olive's card-linking platform provides a smoother way for customers to directly link their rounding, cashback and cashforward rewards to their financial goals. With direct integration with Visa and Mastercard, Olive guarantees secure and accurate data access, helping your business empower customers with easy tools to close their financial gaps.


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