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Unlocking potential: How businesses can effectively communicate card-linked program value

The value of card-linked offers should not be underestimated. They provide significant benefits, helping businesses and platforms connect with their customers in new, meaningful ways. Discover great ways to communicate the value of card-linked offers to your current and prospective customers.

Card-linked programs are being increasingly adopted by various businesses in the steady pursuit of adding value to their customers while simultaneously yielding loyalty and engagement.

Card-linked programs, often incorporated into charity donations, retailers, and financial wellness platforms, have the potential to boost customer engagement significantly. This presents a win-win situation for both customers and businesses.

Once a business has incorporated these programs into its model, how can it effectively communicate it to current and prospective customers?

This article dives into how your businesses or platform can develop strong marketing strategies for promoting the value of your card-linked programs.

The power of card-linking for customers:

Before communicating to your customers about your card-linked program, it is vital to understand its power and the corresponding benefits. Customers are always looking for new and existing programs that deliver and card-linking that can meet all their needs.  Card-linked offers are tools your customer can use to enhance their shopping experience and boost their financial well-being simultaneously.

Card-linking provides a unique way for customers to achieve their goals. Whether it's scoring great deals on their favourite items, investing for the future, or even donating more to their favourite charities, card-linking can do it all.

Another important fact when communicating with customers is the ease of use when taking advantage of card-linked programs. So many customer programs have a tedious sign-up process that often discourages customers from joining, not with card-linked programs. With Olive's card-linking platform, customers can enroll in your programs in as little as 10-seconds with their primary Visa or Mastercard.

Finally, card-linked offers give customers what they want: real, tangible, personalized benefits that make a meaningful contribution to their lives.

With all of these important benefits of card-linked offers, how can organizations effectively communicate them through innovative marketing strategies?

Marketing strategies for businesses to leverage

Social Media Campaigns

  • SEO Optimization: Utilize social media to increase the reach and engagement of such card-linked programs. Create a unique and catchy hashtag that could capture the essence of the program and then engage followers and stand out from the rest.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Collaborate with influencers or voices within your community who are passionate about propagating the message of financial well-being through card-linked offers. This is a great way of developing interesting content for your followers and showing how the program itself can deliver great value for your customers

Custom Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Targeted Messaging: Segment your customer base and send emails to specific groups to show how customers can earn rewards based on their current spending habits and move one step closer to their financial goals.
  • Meaningful rewards: Highlight the tangible rewards that card-linked programs can provide, such as cashback, which can be used for current or future purchases. Even rounding is powerful in helping customers set money aside even in a high-cost-of-living environment.
  • Call to Action: Outline the simplicity of how customers can onboard into your card-linked programs and start earning right away. No coupons or additional physical cards are required. Just link and earn.

Loyalty Programs Integration

  • Frictionless: Integrate card-linked offer programs into your current customer loyalty schemes and enhance your offerings. Card-linked is a great way to complement any customer program and enhance the overall experience.

Overall, these strategies are great for communicating with your current and prospective customers about the value card-linked programs bring. The simplicity yet effectiveness of the app helps businesses engage with their customers in new and meaningful ways.

How Olive drives value for businesses

Here at Olive, we help businesses drive value for their customers through innovative card-linking solutions. Our card-linking platform makes it simple, fast and secure for businesses to onboard customers and start rewarding them in real-time. Businesses can easily configure their reward criteria to ensure they are increasing their customer engagement and retention. They can implement card-linked offers with existing or new loyalty programs.

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