Insider: Goldman Sachs' Marcus robo-advisor plea to everyday investors

Goldman Sachs has entered the market of robo-advisors with Marcus Invest, how will they now engage their 5 million Marcus app users to drive investments?

With over 5 million customers (as of September, 2020) Marcus by Goldman Sachs already offers savings accounts, consumer loans, and a personal financial management tools.

And now they've entered the market of Robo-advisors with Marcus Invest. 

This puts them right into the mix with robo-adisory services at You Invest by JP Morgan, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, Ally Invest, and robo-advisors Acorns, Wealthfront, M1 Financial, and Betterment. Just to highlight a few.

Business Insider provides a great summary of the new Marcus Invest position relative to other robo-advisors. Author Victor Chatenay comments that this "new feature [for Marcus] could also unlock more revenues from users, nudging those who already hold savings with Marcus to move their deposits to the robo-advisor where Goldman can earn its fee."

From our work with Olive customers we know well that this approach works. Adding the correct engagement tools onto robo-advisory services will move significant amounts of wealth from an investors savings, checking or payroll account into investments. Especially when those tools for automating regular deposits fit directly into the investor's everyday lifestyle and behaviours.

Read the full article on about Marcus Invest at Business Insider here:

Learn more about how to drive regular investor deposits and contributions by reaching out to us here at Olive.

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